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Application & Recipes HEADING_TITLE

Mixing your perfect shade of foundation only takes a few minutes.  You will need a good light source and an application tool such as a puff or a narrow brush.  First it is best to determine your base color.

Ebony has neutral to slightly cool or slightly pink undertones.

Deep Ebony has undertones similar to Ebony but runs nearly twice as dark.

Warm Gold has warm golden undertones.

Buttery Gold has yellow golden undertones.

Olive has slight olive undertones with no yellow or golden tones.  If you are very olive we recommend the addition of the Green Color Booster.  If you have olive and yellow tones we recommend Warm Gold or Buttery Gold plus the Green Color Booster.

Peach has peachy and reddish undertones minus the golden in Warm Gold.

Ebony runs a little lighter than the other bases and will require less Ivory to reach a similar color depth.  Deep Ebony and Peach run the darkest and will likely require more Ivory, possibly more than the ranges listed below.  Also, it is best to add in the sifter once you have found your ratio.  The powders will mix better without it.

We offer three levels of coverage.  Original Ivory gives the lightest coverage, and we also offer a Medium Coverage Ivory and a Heavy Coverage Ivory.  The amount of Ivory required to achieve your color depth will decrease as your coverage level increases.  More color is required to counteract the white.  For example, if you are a 1 scoop color:10 scoops Ivory in Original, you will be very close to a 1:8-9 in Medium, and a 1:7-8 in Heavy.

Suggested ranges to start:

Medium in tone- start with a 1 scoop dark to 4-6 scoops White*

Fair - start at 1 scoop dark to 8-12 scoops White*

Tan or Dark -  1 scoop dark to 1-2 scoops White*

 (*if Ebony is your 'dark', try the lower numbers for White.) 

Once you have measured the scoops into your jar, securely fasten the lid and shake it until the powders are throughly mixed.  Use your brush to get a small sample of foundation and tap it off.  Make a light line near your jawline.  It will take a few minutes for the powders to blend with the oils in your skin to show its true color.  If you have the option, check indoor and outdoor light.  If it is too light or dark, adjust accordingly by adding more of one of the bases and mixing thoroughly.  Test again.  Once you have found your ratio, add in the sifter and apply your foundation.  If you decide at any given time that it needs adjusting, you can.  Finally, a foundation that will cover you for all seasons.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us or visit our forum.